How Does the Luxury-Inspired GLC Fair Against the Competition in Tiffin, OH?

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC is glamorous and elegant, offering a refined sense of what it means to ride with luxury. If you're in the market for something powerful and edgy, the new GLC SUV sports an invigorating persona of power that's bold and brilliant. As the GLC aims to raise the benchmark for what luxury SUVs are capable of in Fremont, we invite you to learn more about the new Mercedes-Benz GLC by comparing it against the local competition at Coppus Motors.

Mercedes-Benz GLC vs. Audi Q5

A battle of rivals, the new Mercedes-Benz GLC is fit to compete against the new Audi Q5 in Findlay without breaking a sweat. Praised for its commitment to delivering power, the battle-tested GLC is a commanding SUV that lets nothing stop it from achieving peak performance. Standard equipped with a new 255-horsepower turbocharged engine, the GLC graciously invites the competing Q5 to try and keep up with it on the open highways.

Mercedes-Benz GLC vs. Lexus GX

Although the Lexus GX is praised for its noteworthy power and performance, it's nothing quite as sensational or dominating as the new GLC. Eager to deliver power with high-flying energy and enthusiasm, the new Mercedes-Benz GLC is geared up to help you accelerate from 0 to 60 miles-per-hour in just 6.1 seconds. Compared to the GX's lackluster performance capability, the GLC is poised to ignite new adventures in Lima with its 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission and Dynamic Select shifter.

Why Choose the Mercedes-Benz GLC Over the Competition?

When it comes to securing a thrilling new ride in Sandusky, you owe it to yourself to check out the ferocious new Mercedes-Benz GLC. Known for its spacious accommodation and power, the GLC is garnering a devout following that’s impenetrable even at the highest level.

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